Trends in Healthcare Technology Innovation


Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Conceptual framework and key technologies for the sector.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Conceptual framework and key technologies for the sector.


The digital transformation process in the healthcare industry is not just about computerizing a hospital, making Apps, making it easier for patients to make appointments online, letting the clinical and administrative staff to use their own smartphones or tablets, or opening a Facebook or Twitter account for the hospital.…

We should NOT reduce idea of digital transformation to the use of a set of specific or particular technologies because it is NOR a technological or marketing challenge, but essentially a change of mindset; a revision of all the processes within the organization from a digital standpoint. The transformation must permeate the entire organization, and without true digital leadership in the organization, it will be very difficult to undertake this transformation.

Move towards an open organization where traditional boundaries become blurred (physical/virtual, industry boundaries, boundaries with competitors…) and new models of collaboration, new partners, and new businesses begin to appear.

Innovate and Be Competitive in this Era of Disruption!



  • Mario  Chao
    Mario Chao Mario Chao everis america Partner & Health Sector VP/CEO ehCOS

More than 20 years of professional consulting experience. In recent years, his career has focused on the healthcare industry, leading major technological eHealth projects for clients in Europe and Latin America.

He is currently the General Manager of ehCOS, an initiative he created, launched and led since its inception five years ago. He is the leading force behind the development, innovation, and marketing strategies of this suite of solutions, which has received international awards for its markedly innovative nature and has been successfully implemented in more than 100 hospitals around the world.

Author of numerous articles published in specialized media in different countries. He is actively involved in eHealth expert groups and is a visiting professor at universities in Latin America. His academic activities include tutoring research groups in the field of eHealth.


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