With this Cookie Policy, EVERIS Spain, S.L..U (hereinafter, “WEBSITE OWNER”) wishes to inform you about the use of storage and data recovery devices in the terminal equipment of the User.

1.- What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are downloaded onto the user’s computer/smartphone/tablet when accessing certain websites and applications. Cookies enable the website to store and recover information about a user’s browsing habits, and are used as a means to make User’s interaction with our Website faster and easier.

The information collected by the cookies is anonymous and does not contain any sensitive information as they do not collect data that may identify the User. In any event, the User may access his or her browser settings to change and/or block the installation of Cookies sent from the Website, without blocking access to the contents.

2.- What does the WEBSITE OWNER use the cookies for?

This Website uses cookies or other information storage and retrieval devices to track User interaction with the services offered on the Website.

Cookies help our website recognize the User’s browser, as well as the type of device being used to access it, and are used to facilitate the User’s next visit and make the Website more useful.

For example, the WEBSITE OWNER uses cookies to ensure that the Website works properly and to learn about your browsing experience, among others.

In short, the use of cookies allows the WEBSITE OWNER to optimize the User’s browsing experience, adapting the information and services offered to suit their interests and preferences.

3.- Types of cookies used on the Website

The Website uses the following types of cookies:

· First Party Cookies: These cookies allow the Website to function properly, making them essential for the User to use all the Website options and navigate and use the functions properly.

· Third Party Cookies: These cookies are sent to the User’s terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by the WEBSITE OWNER but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies.

The WEBSITE uses the following Third Party cookies:

· Analysis Cookies: These cookies use standard methods to collect anonymous information about the User’s browsing patterns.

They help us track and analyze User behavior on our Website. Information supplied by analysis cookies helps us to understand how our visitors use our Website, which enables us to improve how we present our content to you.

The main objectives pursued with this type of cookies are:

  • Allow the anonymous identification of the website Users for an approximate count of the number of visitors.
  • Identify the most viewed contents anonymously
  • Know if the user is new or a repeat visit.

Below we detail the analytical cookies that are used in the Website:

· Advertising cookies: are those that allow the most efficient management of the advertising spaces that, if applicable, the content editor has included in a website, application or platform from which the requested service is provided based on criteria such as the content edited or the frequency in which the ads are displayed. They allow relevant advertising to be offered up based on the User’s interests.

4.- How to disable cookies?

All browsers allow changes to be made to disable cookie settings. This is the reason that most browsers enable cookie management and gain more exact control over privacy.

These settings are located in the “options” or “preferences” menu of your browser.

Below, you can find the links for each browser to disable cookies as per the instructions:

Internet Explorer (https://goo.gl/iU2wh2 )

  • Go to the tools menu and select “Internet Options”.
  • Click on the privacy tab.
  • You will be able to configure privacy by means of a six-position cursor which enables you to control the amount of cookies which will be installed: Block all cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (which is the level by default), Low and Accept all cookies.

Mozilla Firefox (http://goo.gl/QXWYmv)

  • Click on the Tools menu in the upper part of the Firefox window.
  • Select Options
  • Select the Privacy panel.
  • In the Firefox option you can choose to use customs setting for the browsing history.

Google Chrome (http://goo.gl/fQnkSB)

  • Click on the menu located in the toolbar.
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Show Advanced Options.
  • Go to the “Privacy” section and click on the Content Settings button.
  • You can configure the options in the Cookies section.

– Safari (https://goo.gl/PcjEm3; https://goo.gl/dQywEo)

  • Go to the tools menu and select “Preferences”.
  • Open the privacy tab.
  • Select the option of your choice in the “block cookies” section.
  • Remember that after disabling cookies, certain functions may not be available and therefore the Website may not be fully functional.

If you do not wish to be tracked by cookies, Google has developed a complement which may be installed on your browser. You may find it in: http://goo.gl/up4ND.

5.- Cookies on mobile devices

The Website Owner also uses cookies or other storage devices on mobile devices.

As with computer browsers, browsers in mobile devices enable users to configure the privacy options or adjustments in order to disable or eliminate cookies.

If you wish to modify the privacy options, follow the instructions specified by the developer of your mobile device browser.

Below, you can find some examples of links that will guide you to modify the privacy options on your mobile device:

A continuación, podrá encontrar algunos ejemplos de los links que le guiarán para modificar las opciones de privacidad en su dispositivo móvil:

6.- Acceptance of cookies

By continuing to browse the Website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

We hereby inform you that if you block or reject the installation of cookies, certain services may not be available to you and therefore you may not be able to gain access to certain services or make full use of this Website.


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