ehCOS Remote Health

Timely and continuous care without unnecessary transfers

A technology that helps manage health crises and improve the resilience of health services

Self-management of health and self-triage

  • – Questionnaire for data registration on citizen symptoms
  • – Self-triage result and pre-diagnostic orientation
  • – Consultation of valuable information, accredited, about the pandemic
  • – Record of the evolution of clinical, cognitive, and communication variables to improve adherence to the rules of reinforced containment

Support for demand management and planning activities for patients in isolation

  • – Proactive phone monitoring of diagnosed individuals
  • – Proactive telephone follow-up of an undiagnosed person with exacerbation of their symptoms
  • – Open channels for reactive consultations of patients and caregivers
  • – Planning of home and social healthcare activities

Telecare monitoring

  • – Integrated and interactive videoconference and chat system: patient-professional and professional-professional consultation of the patient’s clinical variables (temperature, BP and symptoms, emotional state) 
  • – Content sharing with information of interest to patients and citizens 
  • – Design of dynamic forms for information collection from the patient


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