MIT Healthcare 2017

Santiago de Chile

Strategic Analytics: Changing the Future of Healthcare, an event that will discuss the impact of this problem within the healthcare industry.

A Conference organized by MIT Sloan and University of Chile, where NTTDATA collaborates together with well-known international speakers to debate over the challenge of data and new analytical tools in Healthcare. If you can’t assist to the event, you are invited to follow the live streaming conferences here!


Detailed programme of the Conferences


  • Joseph Doyle
    Joseph Doyle Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management MIT Sloan
  • J. Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Management
    J. Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Management Retsef Levi MIT Sloan
  • Rosalind Picard
    Rosalind Picard Professor of Media Arts and Sciences MIT Media Lab
  • Dimitris Bertsimas
    Dimitris Bertsimas Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management MIT Sloan

Prof. Joseph Doyle is the Erwin H. Schell Professor of Management and a professor of applied economics at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

He conducts empirical research using microeconomic theory and modern empirical methods to answer policy questions, particularly in child welfare and health. Doyle studies the effects of foster care and other interventions on child outcomes, the returns on healthcare spending, and the role of health insurance on treatment provided to patients and health outcomes.

Doyle holds a BS from Cornell University and a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago.

Prof. Retsef Levi is the J. Spencer Standish (1945) Professor of Management and a professor of operations management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. In addition, Levi is the co-director of the Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) Program at MIT Sloan.

Levi’s current research is focused on the design and performance analysis of efficient algorithms for fundamental stochastic and deterministic optimization models that arise in the context of supply chains, revenue management, logistics, and healthcare. He is also interested in stochastic and combinatorial optimization and mathematical programming in their broad definition, especially in their intersection with problems that arise in the context of real-life applications. Levi is affiliated with MIT’s Master of Science Program in Computation for Design and Optimization.

He was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and served for approximately 12 years as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces. In 2005, he received the Goldstine Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences awarded by the Mathematical Sciences Department at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York.

Levi holds a BS in mathematics from Tel-Aviv University and a PhD in operations research from Cornell University.

Professor of Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab; Co-Director, Advancing Wellbeing Initiative;
Faculty Chair, MIT Mind+Hand+Heart

Prof. Rosalind Picard is founder and director of the Affective Computing research group at the MIT Media Lab, co-director of the Lab’s Advancing Wellbeing Initiative, and faculty chair of MIT’s Mind+Hand+Heart Initiative. She has co-founded Empatica, Inc., which creates wearable sensors and analytics to improve health, and Affectiva, Inc., which delivers technology to help measure and communicate emotion.

Picard holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with highest honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and master’s and doctorate degrees, both in electrical engineering and computer science, from MIT. She started her career as a member of the technical staff at AT&T Bell Laboratories designing VLSI chips for digital signal processing and developing new algorithms for image compression. In 1991, she joined the MIT Media Lab faculty.

Picard became internationally renowned for constructing mathematical models that achieved content-based retrieval of images and for pioneering methods of automated search and annotation in digital video, including the creation of the Photobook system. The year before she was up for tenure she took a risk and published the book Affective Computing, which became instrumental in starting a new field by that name. Today that field has its own journal, international conference, and professional society. Picard also served as a founding member of the IEEE Technical Committee on Wearable Information Systems in 1998, helping launch the field of wearable computing.

Co-Director, Operations Research Center at MIT

Prof. Dimitris Bertsimas is the Boeing Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management, a professor of operations research, and the co-director of the Operations Research Center at MIT. A faculty member since 1988, his research interests include optimization, stochastic systems, machine learning, and their application.  In recent years, he has worked in robust optimization, statistics, healthcare, and finance. Bertsimas was a co-founder of Dynamic Ideas, LLC, which developed portfolio management tools for asset management. In 2002, the assets of Dynamic Ideas were sold to American Express. He is also the founder of Dynamic Ideas Press, a publisher of scientific books.

Bertsimas has co-authored more than 150 scientific papers and several books. He is currently department editor of Optimization for Management Science and former area editor of Operations Research in Financial Engineering. A member of the National Academy of Engineering, he has received numerous research awards, including the Farkas Prize (2008), the Erlang Prize (1996), the SIAM Prize in Optimization (1996), the Bodossaki Prize (1998), and the Presidential Young Investigator Award (1991–1996).

Bertsimas holds a BS in electrical engineering and computer science from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, as well as an MS in operations research and a PhD in applied mathematics and operations research from MIT.

What's Coming Up at MIT Healthcare 2017?

Dr. David Jaimovich talks about measuring results in healthcare, an important point of its conference at MIT.

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