ehCOS Triage
Quickly determines the priority of patient treatments in under one minute.
We know that treating a patient at the right time is key in the Emergency Room. ehCOS Triage allows patients to be classified in the emergency room according to their priority level in under one minute.
More safety in patient treatment
Patients are treated according to their level of criticality, from highest to lowest urgency.
Organizes resources on a real-demand basis.
Improves coordination of the clinical team with the help of a patient-priority-setting system and organizes hospital resources based on the real demand of the department.

Tailors the treatment time for each patient and optimizes the management of the department

Quick and easy classification of patients in the Emergency Room

ehCOS Manchester Triage enables simple recording of the patient's condition for classification and priority-setting, establishing a maximum time for treatment in each case . With a maximum of 5 questions that take different variables into account, such as symptoms, vital signs, level of consciousness and risk, as well as pain assessment, the patients are classified into 5 different color-coded groups, from highest to lowest urgency.

Quick and easy classification of patients in the Emergency Room


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