ehCOS SmartICU
Designed by and for ICU professionals.
We have created an easy and intuitive solution that provides better visualization of data for all ICU professionals. The result: more attention to your patients and less to technology.
Information that optimizes decision-making.
You will be able to manage clinical content more efficiently and securely, eliminating the duplication of work and enhancing clinical efficiency by transferring data directly into the EHR and viceversa.
Real-time and accurate data.
ehCOS SmartICU captures data automatically from medical devices and patient’s EHR, which enables sharing of information within medical teams in the ICU. All, with the highest security standards.

It optimizes the care process of critical patients

It improves the quality and safety of care, improving the experience.

It maximizes the value of the data in the ICU and improves the quality of care

It connects clinical care with valuable information: Because every second counts.

ehCOS SmartICU captures second-by-second data and biosignal from the medical devices connected to the patient. It calculates data and integrates the information into the ICU Clinical Station in a comprehensible way that is ordered according to its clinical value, alongside other relevant data: Electronic Health Record History and departmental systems such as laboratory, microbiology, x-rays, emergency and nursing modules.

The information also remains saved in the patient’s health record, putting an end to the information gap that is left behind after the patient’s passing through the ICU. This way, it promotes traceability, diagnosis and effective treatment.

Greater quality of care, focused on the problems that truly matter.

You can never have too much help managing the care of critical patients. We know it very well. That’s why ehCOS SmartICU relieves you of unnecessary record-keeping tasks so you can focus on you goal: Improving the health of your patients. The extra time and the information available will help you increase the quality of care and make correct decisions independently.

From the ICU clinical station and the ‘nursing outpost’, you can access all the information you need and manage the care with just three screen. They are fast and easy to learn, which promotes easy adoption and rapid learning of new users. The result is a complete and sequential view of the patient’s condition that is constantly updated, allowing you to set priorities for action and take immediate action with less risk.

Is there anything more important than knowing what is going to happen before it happens?

In ehCOS SmartICU, large volumes of data are analyzed quickly and in real time to identify repetitive patterns that feed predictive models, drawing valuable conclusions for clinical decision-making, research and the improvement of care protocols in the ICU.

Alerts that prevent alarms and help save lives

A multi-parametric alert system based on clinical protocols predicts when a critical patient will require intervention in the case of the most frequent ICU episodes, such as septic shock, hypoxemia and hypertension. All this allows you to make advanced decisions about the treatment to be followed, preventing possible complications of the patients’ health condition and reducing morbidity, mortality and rates of avoidable adverse events.


It boosts the operational and clinical efficiency of the ICU.

ehCOS SmartICU capitalizes on data and “intelligence” to improve the quality of care and patient safety, while reducing lawsuits and hospital costs.

The main opportunities for optimization impact effectiveness and clinical and operational efficiency criteria, such as reduced costs of readmission, reduced complications derived from acquired infections, and reduced average patient stay, allowing the bed turnover rate to increase.

Furthermore, it allows accurate programing of  the adequate number of nurses and devices needed to ensure optimal care.


Improving the Accuracy of Clinical Decisions in the ICU with ehCOS SmartICU

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