A new big data predictive Analytics solution for the ICU

everis and NTT DATA have started a joint project with the Virgen del Rocio University Hospital in Seville to develop a new medical analytics solution technology.

A new big data predictive Analytics solution for the ICU

ehCOS SmartICU uses the ehCOS Healthcare IT Platform and the Big Data Analytics solutions of NTT Data.

everis and NTT DATA have started a joint project with the Andalusian Health Service and Virgen del Rocio University Hospital in Seville, Spain to develop a new medical analytics solution technology, ehCOS SmartICU, designed to improve the care process in intensive care units (ICU), ultimately to reduce patient morbidity and mortality as well as the rate of preventable adverse events.

Combining everis’ existing solution for medical institutions (ehCOS) and NTT DATA Big Data analytics solutions, ehCOS SmartICU is expected to provide a comprehensive solution based on predictive modeling systems that will provide healthcare professionals with an advanced tool for predicting outcomes and generating alerts to make real-time personalized clinical decision to support acute patients in the Emergency Resuscitation and Critical Care Units. Analyzing the data in real time will improve priority settings in the ICU.

The Critical Care Units attend patients with serious, life-threatening illnesses and injuries that require highly specialized care, precise medications and constant monitoring with high-tech equipment and biomedical devices. However, the large volumes of data and bio-signals being generated by this equipment overwhelm doctors and nurses, and often oblige doctors to dedicate considerable time weighing out the different activities required in these units. Integrating all of this information in a comprehensive manner, based on the medical protocols, will bring about significant changes to the efficiency and accuracy of the medical decision-making. In addition, valuable information for new or improved protocols can be retrieved from the accumulated big bio-signal data thanks to the big data analytics technology.

The majority of the existing EHR systems do not incorporate specific solutions for Critical Care Units due to problems with interoperability, producing a lack of information in critical moments of the patient care process. ehCOS SmartICU will provide healthcare professionals with an advanced data analytics tool capable of predicting outcomes or generating relevant alerts for each patient, offering improvements in treatment protocols to maximize patient outcomes, and optimize resources in one of the most complex environments in a healthcare facility, says Mario Chao, CEO of ehCOS.


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