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Health Indicators From Day One: From the Prescription and Treatment of Data, to Healthcare Decisions

Helping Healthcare industry to achieve its goals by processing health data and transforming it into quality knowledge.

Health Indicators From Day One: From the Prescription and Treatment of Data, to Healthcare Decisions

Increasing the value of the data and enhancing analytical capabilities in the healthcare industry

Healthcare organizations possess operational systems and large amounts of data in order to manage their healthcare and administrative processes. However, the overall data mining for the purpose of assessing compliance with strategic objectives, identification of problem areas and possible actions to undertake, remains an unsolved problem today in the majority of cases.

Hospitals need to have available tools to analyze and evaluate the quality of care more objectively and facilitate its transformation in light of the growing demand for high-value healthcare, coupled with the need to increase the productivity and efficiency of healthcare resources in order to provide it.

In this regard, managing and increasing the value of data and enhancing the analytical capabilities will help healthcare institutions to meet new demands in the industry.

Data prescription as an appropriate treatment for supported decision-making

Lately we have been hearing the words Business Discovery, Analytics, Dark Data only to realize that they have been acquiring multiple interpretations.

In our healthcare environment we are used to working with countless data and it is often difficult to have the most relevant information ready. We can process the data from an episode to exploit a performance indicator, which will in turn alert us to the current situation we have at hand.

When we talk about Business Discovery we refer to the ability to venture into the data like explorers, to discover aspects relevant to our business administration that would otherwise be difficult to detect. In the case of Analytics, we refer to the ability to systematically analyze information in order to gain efficiencies, and when we talk about Dark Data, we refer to operational data that is not being used, either because we have not prepared our sources for its use, or be

ehCOS Analytics: Business Intelligence for healthcare

ehCOS Analytics is a Business Intelligence solution that aims to help mine data from a healthcare environment more efficiently. Its most distinguishing feature is the availability, from the outset, of 70 basic indicators divided into healthcare-activity, quality-of-care and financial-management indicators.

With its system of alerts we can improve data management and decision-making because it lets us anticipate a negative or inappropriate situation and improve the efficiency of healthcare and financial management of our medical center.

ehCOS Analytics can function as a standalone tool that connects to the different data and EHR sources of an organization, or it can be incorporated as another element of the ehCOS suite of products and Electronic Health Record. It deploys and integrates by naturally connecting the data and you can immediately view and analyze the performance indicators.

It is so easy to use that if we needed to integrate new indicators we could do it with a simple Drag & Drop by dragging the required fields. This way, creating a new report can take minutes.

ehCOS Analytics provides a basic information analysis kit that can obtain a real-time picture of the current situation, without the need to be an expert in healthcare efficiency tools.

ehCOS Analytics is a solution targeted to the different management roles in a hospital: Management, Medical or Clinical Director, Financial Management and Department Heads.


Depending on the profile or role within the healthcare organization, ehCOS Analytics provides tremendous benefits, ranging from an overall view of the state of the organization, to target tracking, an accessible single data repository, more in-depth treatment of information, the ability to do benchmarking and create reports without the need for technical knowledge, among others.

Technological Challenges

ehCOS Analytics leverages all the capabilities of Microstrategy as an analytical tool that integrates seamlessly into a standard management application, with a portal layer that extends the product functions without limits, minimizing the time to market.

From the point of view of the system architecture, ehCOS Analytics uses 4 basic rules of integration: Modularity, Safety, Security, Scalability and Usability.


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