ehCOS Awards Data Interoperability

ehCOS Awards Data Interoperability

Making patient information accessible both to the patient, and throughout the healthcare network, to improve quality of care and health outcomes

Healthcare professionals, patients and programmers will create applications and health programs at the I National Health Hackathon, an event to be held at the Google Campus Madrid on May 6th and 7th. The event is organized and endorsed by prestigious associations from the the sector such as: the Association of Researchers in eHealth (AIES), the General Nursing Council, the Madrid Society of Family and Community Medicine, the Spanish Patient Forum and the Spanish Federation of Diabetics, among others.

NTTDATA will offer a special prize to the applications demonstrating the greatest interoperability capability with the patient clinical information stored in an Electronic Health Record, enabling remote monitoring of patients with chronic pathologies and to improve the adhesion to the treatments prescribed by their health providers.

Independently of the different areas of interoperability, making patient clinical information accessible both to the patient, and throughout the healthcare network, as well as connecting isolated data from devices and applications to their Health Record, will promote continuity of care, patient safety and better health outcomes.

According to Eduardo Llinares, manager of the ehCOS eHealth suite of products,  and chairman of the award jury, “Our aim is to highlight the importance of interoperability in the development health applications to help patients play an active role in their health care and to improve the efficiency of the care processes.”

ehCOS has been very actively involved in this initiative by providing their Electronic Health Record and fictitious clinical data to the participants to carry out interoperability testing with the applications they have developed. Additionally, a team of ehCOS analysts, software architects and developers will advise the participating teams during the conference.

“Opportunities for Health” Symposium

Prior to the Hackathon, Dr. Eduardo Vigil, Chief Medical Officer at ehCOS, will present the paper  “Prescribing Data, Treating Alerts and Preventing Alarms to Practice Precision Medicine” at a symposium that will bring together leading professionals in the sector.

An Opportunity to Share and Interact

ehCOS will interact with programmers and health professionals. sharing their knowledge in the Hackathon blog prior to the event, as well as advising the participating teams on interoperability during the event.

José Manuel Gómez Montón, ehCOS Chief Technical Officer, inaugurated the blog with his article “Interoperability, the Tower of Babel of Health Systems”, which will be followed by writings by other professionals in the coming weeks, addressing issues such as mobile technology in healthcare, clinical user experience, and the future of wearables, among others.


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